Sex Positions That Help Last Longer

These are awesome sex positions, and they can help your guys slow down, focus all her attention on you and take her to the places you’ve wanted to go with her. When she’s bouncing up and down on you getting herself off for the first of what could be many many orgasms, the last thing you want to do is slow down or make her stop. It’s true that certain sex positions can help you last longer.

For example the cowgirl. The girl on top position is great for boosting stamina, also, to be in darn sexy.

Try the clip. He lies down; she gets on him, straddles him and guides his penis inside. She leans back and supports herself on her arms and hands. And then she can move and press her vulva on him, and she can lift herself up and down. When she’s on top typically should be using shallower strokes than a man will, when he’s on top.

Also, she’ll tend to grind instead of thrust in this position. Grinding lets her rubber clitoris and her G- area against you, which feels highly pleasurable to her. On the other hand, for you, it won’t feel nearly as stimulating. It’s a great way to let her build up toward an orgasm, while you’re cooling off. While she’s there, stimulating her breasts and her nipples, holding her neck in one hand, or grabbing her hair, the base of her neck, while she’s on top – are masculine ways you can use to turn her on even more.

Once you have a breast engorged with blood from fondling them thoroughly, you can start working her nipples. Nipple orgasm will open her yoni even more to you. You can pull her head down to you and deep kiss her too. Telling her how beautiful she is and how much she loves you, can also heighten her arousal. Yeah, you love me inside you, don’t you baby. You’re such a hot and sexy mama; I love our intimacy so much. Ride me, baby, go ahead, let yourself go, that’s a girl. You know you love it.

Or you could try the Amazon. He sits on a chair. She straddles him while facing him. In the Amazon especially but also in the clip, he can guide her hips. He’s strong; he can help her move up and down on his manhood. So her legs don’t get tired. What’s great is that he can manage the stimulation that way. And a lot of times a woman might not know how to get herself off if she’s generally been more of a passive receptor of his thrusting. So you take her hips, and you move her body up and down on top of you. You set up a rhythm, and you keep that rhythm. And you let herself lose herself to your rhythm. That’s hot. By focusing on her pleasure, controlling the speed and keeping the thrusts shallow, it may help you last longer.

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