Can Testosterone Increase Female Libido?

Can testosterone help improve low libido in a female? Is it true? Well, yes and no. Testosterone can help you. However, women libidos are a very complicated thing. And you have to take a look at the overall picture of what makes up your drive to have sex.

Sexual Libido is Based On a Delicate and Complex Myriad of Factors

So the healthy sexual function for women and men too, but for women is based on healthy blood flow, it is base on nerves, it is based on hormones. It is based on connecting with your partner mentally, having good communication with that person, being able to have good sexual self-esteem and it also based on your upbringing. So many of the religious belief systems or social belief systems that you have, any time this is even in your day-to-day living.

So most of us are busy and distressed and were overworking, overtired. And when you factor all of these components in, there is a big reason why a lot of women have a lowered sexual desire.

Testosterone Can Overshadow Dealing With Bigger Issues in Women

Will testosterone help you? Well if you dealt with all the things that are outside of your life, and you are fine with communicating with your partner, you have an excellent sexual self-esteem, everything about your body is working, you are at a place where you are not so stressed out, and you still have a lowered libido – this is a time to go and talk to a doctor about possibly having testosterone.

Look at All Aspects of Your Life and Educate Yourself

Testosterone will work, but it is just one factor in the myriad of other factors that are going to help or compliment your sex life. So instead of looking at this as a solution, take a look at the other aspects of your life. And I promise you that when you look at these other aspects of your life your sex life will improve, and you will not need to have the testosterone. So try that out first.

So here is my great sex tip for you. If you are still keen on trying testosterone or the plethora of pills and creams out there guaranteed to get, your sex drive up there, remember nothing so far has been FDA-approved, nothing has been researched. It is all a bunch of voodoo science as it stands right now. So before you put sex enhancement pills for women in your body or on your body, make sure to talk to your doctor about it and make sure you understand and educate yourself on what you are doing. Because, it could have the excellent effect, and it could do nothing to you at all, but it also could have the negative impact. And you need to be savvy about your sexuality.

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Best Way to Get Multiple Orgasms

Multiple Orgasms

Both men and women are willing to reach the climax during their lovemaking. It’s important for us to get the best sex experience. Men and women are searching the best way to get the multiple orgasms when they’re having sex. How to receive numerous orgasms? In this article, I’ll give you some useful tips to increase the quality of your sexual lovemaking.  

Romantic Atmosphere

You have to remember that your peace mind has the strong correlation with the wonderful sex experience.  So if you want to have the better sex, you need to set the great mood for you and your partner. You need to know exactly your partner’s feeling before you have sex. You need to create such a romantic condition in your bedroom. You can use candle lights, aromatic fragrances, dim lights and all the props that can make stress-free room. If you’re a man, you can take your woman in your arms and ask her about her day. Then you should hold her by the waist and bring her closer to you. After that, you have to look deep into her eyes. This will create the comfortable and romantic atmosphere in your bed.


Foreplay is vital in creating the multiple orgasms. You should remember that the intercourse alone can give you the several orgasms. In sexual lovemaking, you need to make it slow to get the best orgasm. You need to know how to arouse your partner slowly so that you can spend more time in bed and get more pleasure in your sex making. You can use your hand and tongue to arouse your partner.

For men, you can help your women get multiple orgasms by both oral and manual stimulation. It has been proven that women will easily get aroused by oral sex. You should remember that you have to excite your partner naturally. Using your index finger to stimulate her clitoris. Do it gently and in circular motions. After you have successfully stimulated her clitoris, you can move to her G-spot. Make her arouse, and then you start to do another fun. This kind of natural foreplay will give you and your partner more satisfying experience in sexual lovemaking.

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